Heroic Malaysians Band Together To Save a Poor Dog Stuck

A couple of days ago, the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) Selangor took to their Facebook page to showcase a dog stuck on a cliff at ForestHill, Damansara Perdana.

The poor little fellow could be seen standing on the cliff from all the way across the lake there.

Thankfully, it has since been rescued by a group of Malaysians who heeded SPCA’s call for the dog to be saved.

Francis Yirdaki CT were among those who risked their own wellbeing to bring the dog to safety.

Taking to his Facebook page, he recalled, “A few (people) tagged me, then I offered to help and asked

who would like to join me in the residential group. Instantly, I had Kevan, Stefan, Chia Leng, Azhar and

Mr. Gan who offered themselves, I am honestly grateful.”The mission started from 8am and 6 hours later,

the group managed to find the dog among the thick vegetation.Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Francis shared on

the aspects that made the rescue mission a rather risky one.“The jungle has no trails, so we had to chop our

way in. All of us got cuts everywhere. The rocks were slippery and steep,” he said. Though, thankfully,


they also had an uncle who was guiding them through the wilderness.The rescue of the poor dog was

split into 2 parts, firstly from the lake and secondly from the top of the cliff“All of us was not only

sunburn but our stamina had been tested to the max. I was jokingly telling the others that this mission “I’m sorry that I didn’t involve some of you,

actually doesn’t need me or my friends, but the Navy Seals because it involved water, land, climbing and hiking.” I would admit that this was a dangerous mission, I can’t

take the risk with others but myself and only those I know personally,” he explained.

With that, by 4:30pm, they had managed to rescue the dogConsidering their next level efforts to save the dog,

those residing in the area were grateful to them.“We had done it successfully without major injuries but minor cuts.”

“I would like to thank the residents of ForestHill for actually staying with us until the end.

We came back to waters, pizza, Starbucks, breads, it was so nice of them,” he added.

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