One-Eyed Goat with ‘Face of a Human’ Born in Indonesia, Dies After 20 Minutes



The birth of a goat with one eye and a face like a person has shook the people of a village in Indonesia.Based on a report by Kosmo, the odd animal was born in Pandan Indah, in the district of Central Lombok,

and was 1 of 2 lambs born to a mother on May 7 (Sunday).The other lamb looks normal while its sibling looks like

a human due to its beard.“The one-eyed goat is quite strange, it has no hair and its colour is also strange.

Its face even looks like a human because of its beard,” said Masdar Fardi, the 26-year-old neighbour of

the owner of the goat.While local resident managed to catch a glimpse of the differently-formed goat, unfortunately,

it reportedly died mere 20 minutes after it was born.It has since been buried by it’s owner, 30-year-old Suprapto.

“Last night (May 7), many residents wanted to see the one-eyed goat. Even people from Kabul Village came to see the kid,” added Masdar.

According to the Head of the Central Lombok Agricultural Agency, Taufikurrahman Puanote,” the poor goat

suffered from cyclopia, which is a very rare disability.We genuinely hope it at least did not suffer during its short time on earth.


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