An accidentally dreadlocked dog is transformed by a haircut


Forget feeling sorry for yourself for all those days when you had to wear a hat to hide your scruffy mane.Or for that time when you didn’t have time to wash your hair so shoved it into a ponytail and hope for

the best.Because this poor, dreadlocked dog has reached a new level of bad hair days.The dog, named Choco, was discovered in the city of La Paz, the captial of Bolivia.

A Bolivian singer called Monica Ergueta Romero, 29, snapped a photo of the dog because she was shocked at its appearance.

She posted the image online, asking her followers to report the owners who ‘left this poor little dog like this’, along with

the dog’s approximate location.Just two days later, the dog was found and caught by Giovanni Aliaga and Ciudadanos en Defensa de los Animales-Bolivia

(Citizens in Defence of Animals Bolivia)The poor dog was soaked in urine, faeces and dirt. The fur that was cut away from him weighed two kilos.

The dog was 12 years old and had been abandoned when its family moved away.While locals had helped Choco to stay alive by feeding him scraps, no-one had thought to cut his fur.

Giovanni said: ‘His health was poor, as his hair was so long he wasn’t able to move properly.‘He was aggressive when locals tried to help him, so had never been caught before.’

After being given a thorough wash and de-fleaing, it was revealed that a neighbour had actually previously agreed to adopt the dog.He’s already been handed over to his new owner and is settling in nicely.

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