Aftermath of Songkran A girl driving home meets a puppy on the way. carry them into the car together to go home togethe


Songkran aftermath video clip When a woman meets a poor puppy one night while driving home. Decided to park down to see before being carried home Give a bright new lifeUser TikTok@kruwan_29 Revealing the event

that a little puppy was found on the way home and decided to go down to see But the frightened little puppy ran into the bushes on

the side of the road. She tried to persuade for a long time. Until the little puppy trusted and allowed to be carried into the car

The condition of this little puppy was very pitiful. leprosy The body is still full of ticks and fleas. Plus,

his body looked exhausted. slept all the way homeWhen she returned home, she took a shower to clean her body.

Remove fleas and ticks stuck to the skin. Apply medicine to treat skin symptoms. bring food and water before warming up

In addition, she is always hugging and comforting the puppy. with a new name for it “Songkran”

On the other hand, netizens who have seen the clip have come to comment and thank this kind girl a lot,

for example, the shot climbing to sit in the lap is very warm. You’ve found a safe place, baby. Thank you for


helping me, I wish you and your family all the best in life. There are people to help when you are in trouble,

the warmth that people help you come out. You are safe. Thank you for you.Later, the clip received attention from

people all over the world. There are many foreigners commenting under the clip. Until it has more

than 1.8 hundred thousand likes and more than 1.4 million views of the clip ever.

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