Horrific Photos Show Cruel Conditions Allegedly At Kuala Langat Municipal Council Dog Pound


The Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page recently shared pictures showcasing the captured dogs in the

pound and they are absolutely horrific. The dogs are seen to be so skinny that their bones could be

seen jutting through their skin.Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better have since called for people to

rescue the dogs from the pound, “These dogs are apparently at the Kuala Langat Municipal Council

dog pound. There are almost 100 dogs. How many people can foster these dogs each? If you can,

please WhatsApp 0122501497.”We genuinely hope that the authorities take notice of this and

take action against the perpetrators who have captured the dogs and kept them in such cruel conditions.

If you are looking to bring a pet into your home, please do consider adopting these poor dogs instead of buying from pet stores.

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