Meet the pigeon and Pomeranian who are unlikely best friends

A pigeon and a Pomeranian have struck up an unlikely friendship and are inseparable. The best pals now even enjoy trips to the shops and walks around parks. Julie Vung, 38, from Ottawa, Canada, is the proud owner of PJ the pigeon and Joji the Pomeranian. The unlikely pairing go everywhere with her, from department stores and buying plants for the garden, to running errands and walks in the park.

‘We often like to do mini hikes and explore different parks around town,’ Julie said.‘Every day we’d go on our walks around the block, and PJ and Joji walk together as they sniff away and pick up things along the way.Julie loves her animals and adores the bond she has with her pet pigeon.

‘My favourite moments with PJ is first thing in the morning as soon as the sun rises she flies into my bedroom, sets herself right by my pillow and softly coos,’ she said.

‘She then naps with me until I’m ready to get out of bed.
‘If I take too long to get out of bed or I sleep in too long she starts picking around my eyes gently until I get up.
‘Having a pigeon as a pet is very rewarding.’

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