Meet Bonnie, The Dog That’s Missing A Nose And A Paw


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – Margaret Hungerford. It’s the perfect quote for this story. This poor pup named Bonnie was found in Romania. She was laying wounded next to a railway track. Vets guessed that she was run over by a train, but also mentioned that these horrible wounds could have been caused by an even more horrible human being.


Bonnie is missing a nose and her front paw. Vets didn’t think she would survive and were ready to give up. But after they transferred her to the UK, Bonnie was noticed by an amazing woman named Kate. Kate immediately fell in love with her and after fostering Bonnie, decided to give her a forever home.



“Bonnie was born in a huge factory in Romania, surrounded by other street dogs. A lady working there had seen a puppy, her mum, and siblings before Bon was injured, had taken pictures to put on social media to try to find them a home. Bonnie was hit by a coal train, smaller than usual trains. Workers saw her being hit, heard her cries. 3 days later, when the kind lady returned to work she found Bonnie injured.



The lady and her daughter Claudia took the puppy, mum, and siblings to safety. Took her to the vets. Claudia said. ‘she smelt like death. We had to open the windows on the drive to the vet.’ No nose, missing half her leg and tail. Lots of operations to ‘fix her up.’”



“Please help dogs with ‘disabilities’—people are often put off, but it is so rewarding to know what a difference you’ve made, especially when people said she should have been put down, just want to go back to them and say—look at her now! There are so many dogs with disabilities that need help out there, please think of them—rescues such as @miraclesmission @florisfriends. Adopt, don’t shop!



I would love to write a book about Bonnie, I think the story would be an amazing educational tool all about love and acceptance of ‘differences’—if anyone can help, please get in touch with me @katecomfort.”


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