Even Though Brodie Got His Face Disfigured As A Puppy By His Mother



Brodie is not a dog you meet every day. Having survived an attack by his own mother at the fragile age of 13 days, the pup was left partially blind and with a permanently disfigured face. Looking a bit like a Picasso masterpiece, Brodie is all the more adorable, making everyone’s hearts melt with his big heart and strong spirit.


Luckily, the German shepherd and border collie mix is now in safe hands with his new forever family, Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames. Not only is Brodie loved by virtually anyone he comes by, including his own 159K Instagram followers, the pup is now training to become a therapy dog. “We hope to train him to be a therapy dog one day so he can help other people with disabilities,” said Amanda, who assured Brodie’s fans that he is happy as ever.



Brodie suffered severe cranial and facial injuries after being attacked by his mother as a baby. As he grew, the boy’s jaw fused together, leaving his face stunted and causing partial blindness.


Initially, it seemed like the boy had found his forever family after his first adoption. But soon, his previous owner decided to return the pup to Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, saying that he was “too hyper.”



His mom is now helping him train to be a therapy dog and help others with disabilities and visible differences. “He just needed patience and someone to be consistent,” Amanda said, but added that Brodie is really talented and gets better every week.


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