When the huskies went back to the countryside to play, they suddenly screamed “Au wu wo wu”! I took it to the hospital for an X-ray and found out…it’s too gluttonous!

There are countless stories of dogs being greedy, but this is the first time I have seen such a weird husky! This husky with delicate features has nothing to do with tearing up houses and demolishing houses, and his life is very happy~



One day the owner took it back to the countryside, and it was completely liberated as soon as it arrived at its hometown.



When I saw it again, I found it lying beside the big hole I dug, moaning. The experienced owner thought that it might have eaten something unclean again, so he rushed it to the hospital!



The doctor immediately took an X-ray, and was shocked to find that…it probably ate a bunch of…copper coins that are very rare now but have room for price increases? And, that’s a lot…




After the operation, the doctor took out 14 copper coins from its stomach… This is probably the legendary antique! It’s really surprising. Although the owner can’t laugh or cry, the husky must have suffered a lot when he was admitted to the hospital…



Not only did he steal the Invincible King when he was a child, but he is also a “senior foodie” when he gets old! This husky is already 12 years old, logically speaking it should be more mature, but his biggest hobby in his life is to squat in front of this fried rice cake shop opposite his house, waiting for kind people…



Some netizens said that they heard that huskies have glass stomachs, and they were very careful when feeding themselves, but they saw it one day… Xiaoha suddenly became interested in cactus, and went forward to nibble a few times, but the owner didn’t care. If you think about being pricked, you will give up!




Unexpectedly, after such a short time, the side of the cactus was breached!
Well, the world of foodie really…





Again, you need to be cautious when raising a dog, and you need to be more cautious when raising a ha!


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