Dog walk 45 miles far alone lonely and very hungry.

Dog walk 45 miles far alone lonely and very hungry.






Lost dogs are different from abandoned dogs because abandoned dogs tend to sit and wait for their owners in the same place.
But dogs that are lost or run away from home. They may travel for several kilometers until

someone catches them. The story of a lost dog and travel far For a distance of more than 45 miles or 72 kilometers,
roaming through the cities. that it is unfamiliar

Until finally the journey ended when the dog was captured and sent to his new home. This happened to a dog named Koa.

was adopted not long ago But one day, it ran away from its new home and mysteriously disappeared. Until many people helped
find him to bring him back home.

The weirdness of this situation is that the Koa travels everywhere. People from different cities in California were
reporting that they had found it.

Until making finding this lost dog become quite difficult. Locations where Koa have been found include Yorba Linda and Fountain Valley.

to Huntington Beach, and finally, this dog was found roaming Westminster.

Koa were caught very thin and weak. because it traveled a distance of more than 72 kilometers


Finally managed to catch this adventurous dog safely. and returned it to its new owner who was waiting for it

After wandering around Southern California, the Koa finally returned to its home.

which the new owner loves and takes care of it very well And hope this dog never runs away from home again.

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