Dog  Alive 500 Feet Deep Down in a Cave Two Months

 Dog  Alive 500 Feet Deep Down in a Cave Two Months







A 13-year-old mixed-poodle named Abby went missing on June 9. The last place her owner Jeff Bohnert expected to find her was 500 feet underground.

When a group of cavers found her, she was just “skin and bones” and could barely lift her head.

They took her picture and headed back up for help. Rick Haley and Gerry Keene, experienced cavers,

quickly got to work planning a rescue mission for the pup. They came back with an empty duffle bag,

lined with a fluffy blanket, which she climbed into.Haley and Keene made the vertical journey through the narrow,

complicated cave system. For over an hour, they took turns crawling in front of each other,

reaching back to grab the doggy duffle bag.Above ground, Bohnert heard news of a dog that fit Abby’s description.


It had been two months since she had gone missing, and be didn’t expect her to be alive.The team didn’t find any injuries

on Abby and she was cleared to go home with her family. She’s still recovering, but seems to be “getting back to herself now.”

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