Helpless puppy dies after being abandoned in plastic box – RSPCA investigation

The puppy, thought to be just six weeks old, was found by a shocked dog walker in Feltham, west London, on Saturday. The black

and tan coloured pup was “freezing cold” and very sick when he was discovered in the clear plastic box in a green space on

Hatton Road.The helpless animal was rushed to the vets but they were unable to save him.The RSPCA has launched an investigation

and is appealing for anyone with information to contact them.RSPCA Inspector Nicole Broster said: “This is such a tragic

incident and it broke my heart that such a tiny puppy was left to suffer so much, and knowing he had been

abandoned all alone when he was in such desperate need of help.“The walker described him as ‘freezing cold’ when he found him,

and when he was examined by vets it was clear he was skinny, suffering from conjunctivitis so severe that he wasn’t able to open his eyes.

“He was also so weak and subdued he was unable to eat or take more than a few steps.“Abandoning any animal is cruel and

completely unnecessary, we don’t know how long the puppy had been left out inside the box in the cold in bushes, and

vulnerable to all sorts of danger.”It’s possible someone dumped him because he’s so poorly, and he could be a by-product of the cruel puppy trade.
“It’s beyond belief that someone left him in those bushes and walked away.”



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