Nana Still Visits The Grave of Its Owner 5 Years After .

‘Nana’  Still Visits The Grave of Its Owner 5 Years After.







3 years ago, a male cat named Nana went viral after he was spotted walking by himself and visiting the grave of his previous owner, the late Ab Aziz Ismail at the Kampung Paloh Islamic Cemetery.

It has been reported that even now, 9-year-old Nana still follows the same routine but not as often

as before because Nana is not as healthy as before and has no appetite after being involved

in an accident at the end of 2021.In an interview with Harian Metro, the son-in-law of the late Ab Aziz, Norhazlin Mohamat Nozi, said that Nana is still being cared for.

“Nana used to be healthy and often accompanied us to the cemetery to visit his grave and there

were times when Nana went alone. Nana was involved in an accident and our family only found out

after Nana came home with a bloody mouth.”“After that, we took her to the veterinary clinic to get


treatment and the doctor informed her that he is okay, but it seems that he is not as active as before,

and would sleep a lot. It also has something to do with his old age,” he added.ิ Although the family

does not share much about Nana to the others, Norhazlin said, there are still people know and recognise Nana.

“It’s often the villagers who will ask about Nana if they haven’t seen Nana for a long time.

He used to always take Nana with him to the mosque so the villagers already know Nana.”

“Anyway, we as a family are grateful that Nana is still with us and has never disappeared,” he said.In addition to visiting graves, Nana also spends his time on a relic car in addition to a swing

which was his owner’s favorite place. Nana was cared for by the family since birth and became Ab Aziz’s pet who died in July 2018, due to kidney complications.

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