Kitten Rescued After Being Tied Up in Dog Food Bag & Thrown into River

Humans can sometimes be the most cruelest of creatures, especially when it comes to the treatment of defenseless animals.For instance, why would anyone tied up a little kitten into a plastic bag and throw it into a river?

The Penang Kini Facebook page recently shared a video of a man picking up a tied plastic bag from a river, only to

open it and discover that there was a little cat inside.They wrote, “Ya Allah, whoever threw (the cat) away like that,

they will answer for it later. May this brother be blessed with an abundance of sustenance and blessings.”

In the video, a man can be seen in a boat, approaching and taking the tied up dog food bag from the river. Upon placing

the bag in his boat, the bag moved, indicating that there was a living creature inside.Taking the bag to the riverside, the man

then opened the plastic bag on land, and lo and behold, there was a little cat inside.The poor cat was also completely soaked inside the bag.

We genuinely hope that the perpetrator who tied the cat inside the bag and threw it into the river will be brought to justice soon.

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