Cat Visits The Grave of Its M’sian Owner Who Passed Away Last Month

Pets are more than just an animal kept for a person’s company or entertainment, they’re also an essential part of the family.A recent viral video is a testament to this,whereby it shows a pet cat saddened by the death of its owner and sitting silently on its grave.The cat, named Mochi,

is the feline companion of 22-year-old Nur Salsabiha Mohd Sobri Yusoff and her late husband Mohd Faizul Malik who recently passed away.

Mohd Faizul, a Royal Malaysian Navy officer, was only 35 years old when he tragically lost his life on 16 March 2023 after being seriously

injured in an accident a day prior.Salsabiha shared a video of her visiting her late husband’s grave with Mochi on TikTok

which has received more than 269,700 views and over 30,000 likes as of the time of writing.In the video, Mochi can be seen resting on

its owner’s grave and sitting still, as if it was deeply affected by the loss of its owner.In the caption, Salsabiha wrote,

As reported by Harian Metro, Salsabiha shared that she married her late husband in December 2021 and when he was stationed in Langkawai,

Mohd Faizul brought Mochi who was still a kitten to live with them.She further shared that Mochi and her late husband had a really close


relationship, saying that he treated the fluffy cat like his own child. In fact, Mohd Faizul even referred to himself as ‘abi’ (father)

and Salsabiha as ‘umi’ (mother) when talking with Mochi.Salsabiha also shared that Mochi has been really sad and looking for Mohd Faizul


after the death of her husband.Thankfully, Mochi’s mood has gotten better after visiting its owner’s grave, being active and playful as usual.

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