Tapir Found Roaming The Empty Roads Of Kuala Kelawang







It is not new news that animals have started taking advantage of empty streets, especially in the dead of night, probably to check out

local attractions and enjoy a rare bout of zero traffic, like this Tapir in Negeri Sembilan.

Taking to social media, this netizen recorded a video of how this Tapir was having the time

of its life, running around and terrifying other road users.In the caption, this netizen writes:

“A Tapir was found roaming near Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan.”

Netizens commenting on the Tweet came up with their own theories as to why the adult Tapir was found roaming the area.“Kuala Kelawang has thick

rainforest in the area. Try frequenting the area late at night.”Let’s hope that the Tapir will be able to find its way home, and out of harm’s way.


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