Hero students who saved dog from canal

Hero students who dramatically saved a dog from a canal have spoken out about the rescue mission.Viral footage shows the pooch floundering in a canal in Ancoats, Manchester, before a group of men come to its aid.

Jack Spencer Furmston and Ben Camphor – both 20 – were on their way home from a coffee shop when they spotted Batu Akyol holding a lead over the wall next to the canal.Ben said he initially thought Batu must have been taking his duck out for a walk, but when he peered over into the water, he saw dog Sumak ‘really struggling’.

Without hesitation, they sprung into action, and being the tallest, Ben volunteered to be lowered down to the canine in distress.Five others joined the rescue mission,

holding Ben by the legs and lowering him down head first towards the water.In video recorded by onlooker Dabhidh MchicEamailinn, Sumak can be seen

trying to grip onto the wall before Ben is eventually able to grasp them by the collar.The rest of the party then yanked Ben back towards land as he gripped onto

Sumak, and as they approached the top of the wall, the distressed dog can be seen wagging its tail in relief.It’s really heartwarming stuff.

As they all make it back to solid ground, onlookers can be heard clapping and cheering the lads for their heroic deeds.”I couldn’t let that dog down and not help,

so I put my jumper down and sprung into action – climbing down first.”I’m a dog owner myself, so there wasn’t a chance I was

going to leave it on its own, but I couldn’t get it the first time.”After pulling off the daring rescue mission, it wasn’t just onlookers who were overjoyed.Jack said owner Batu was ‘ecstatic’, as was Sumak, and they ran around the canal together in celebration.Jack said: “The crowd had begun to build, so the tallest person – which was

Ben – was flipped upside down and he was able to grab the dog, as shown in the video.”Afterwards, the dog was wagging its tail and jumping up and down, so excited.”Ahhh, what a nice bit of news. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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