Pet mom shares adorably cute video of dogs waiting for school bus.

Pet mom shares adorably cute video of dogs waiting for school bus.

The internet is a treasure trove of videos featuring dogs that are both cute and adorable. And this particular video posted on Instagram is a case in point. It shows a group of dogs waiting for their school bus with tiny bags on their backs. The video is such that it will curl up your lips in a smile and brighten the rest of your day.

The video was shared on Instagram by a user Victoria Diange West. She has more than 12,000 dedicated followers on the meta-owned platform and regularly shares videos featuring her dogs. “Waiting for the school bus I hope the kids have a great year,”

read the caption of the video shared by the pet mom with several hashtags, including #dogsgotoschool, #backpackfordogs and #dogvideo. The video shows dogs of various breeds sitting on a carpet in a house’s corridor with bags on their backs and yellow-coloured bandanas tied around their necks.

The video that was shared on September 7 has raked up more than eight lakh views and over 45,600 likes. The cute video has also received nearly hundreds of comments.

“Come on show them running out the door please!!!” commented an individual. “Omg. I’m in love with every single one of them!!! Just so precious!!” posted another. “Omg so adorable,” wrote a third. “Bahahaaa, the bucket hat kills me every time!

We need a behind the scenes video of you getting them ready!” remarked a fourth. “Omgosh!! This is soo cute! Love,” expressed a fifth with a heart emoticon.

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