These Goldies are Undeniably Bright Dogs

You can never deny that dogs are special creatures — they are the whole package. Having them as a fur baby naturally gives you a family member, best friend, love of your life, playmate, and protector.

You’ll always have fun with them, especially when you have successfully trained them to enjoy your interests. Take them for a hike, engage them in dog agility, or in any recreational activities you’d like to do with them. Pet parents will be surprised by how canines can learn multiple skills — some are taught while others learn through observation.

You’ll find dogs on the internet that can play sword fights, pick up their small humans from the school bus, and much more. The fur of sunshine is indeed physically, mentally, and emotionally intelligent.

Fascinatingly, dogs are great at understanding various languages as well! It’s only natural to speak in your mother tongue in your household. Most dogs are trained to respond to commands spoken in their owner’s native language. But as for Gamja and Chip,

they were taught in Hangul and English. In an Instagram video, their human mom wanted to see if both of them were bilingual. The two goldies carefully listened to their mom and amazingly responded to both languages. When their mom asked if they understood the mechanics of the game, Gamja and Chip barked to confirm.

She first started with an English command, which was “down,” and both dogs immediately lay down on their bellies. Then she spoke in Korean, instructing them to sit — Gamja and Chip did as they were told! Next was the Korean word for down, and they also understood the command!

Indeed, the two goldies don’t only have shiny coats, but they also have bright brains. There were parts where both of them didn’t respond immediately — staring at their mom before they figured out her command. Although there was a pause, Gamja and Chip pulled through and proved that they are bilingual dogs. They won the hearts of many people — earning 1.4 million views, 170k likes, and over 500 comments.

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