The Dog Who Won’t Leave Her House Without One Of Her Plushies.

The Dog Who Won’t Leave Her House Without One Of Her Plushies.

All dogs have distinct personalities and, just like it is with people, each one of these personalities is crazy and bizarre in their own unique ways. For instance, this charming golden retriever named Poi—which is short for Poseidon—never leaves her house without… grabbing one of her plush toys to take with her! Recently, her owner uploaded some of Poi’s photos on Imgur to show the internet what kind of things this dog usually carries around.



In the post, the owner, whose account is called hisCleverUsername, wrote that those plush toys are sort of a security blanket for her. “She always loved carrying something in her mouth ever since she was a puppy,” the user wrote.



Besides, it’s easy to tell that Poi is a pretty clever dog—when she gets tired, she uses the toy she brought as a pillow! I mean, that’s totally brilliant.



Moreover, this goldie also knows how to balance things on her head—from plush toys to other stuff, such as, for example, lemon, broccoli, or even a spoon! What a talented cutie.


By the way, Bored Panda had a chance to talk about Poi with her owner, so make sure to scroll down for an interview!


“Poi is 9 years old! She’s always loved toys. The earliest memory was when we brought her sister,


Hades (the Corgi) home. She immediately brought a toy to show Hades but wouldn’t let her play.


Poi grabs toys when she gets happy and excited, but especially when we go on walks outside. Having a toy with her is like a security blanket.


She also loves using it as a pillow when she’s tired,” the owner told Bored Panda.



Unfortunately, Poi was recently diagnosed with cancer. “She’s doing well at the moment and still acts like a puppy.


We’re doing everything we can to make sure she continues to live a happy life!” the owner told us.


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