Runner Spots Cardboard Box Dumped Near Trail With Furry And Hairless Animals Inside


Brigette Brouillard was recently out on a relaxing run, taking a break from her busy life as the founder of Second Chances Wildlife Center. Her trail runs are the only time she’s away from her phone and her work with animals — but, somehow, her work found her.


Brouillard was about three miles into her run when she spotted a cardboard box lying on its side just off the trail. Immediately, her instincts took over, and she decided to investigate. Thank goodness she did.


“I looked inside, and it took me a minute to process,” Brouillard wrote on Facebook. “Six adult guinea pigs! No people in sight. Someone had dumped them!”


Thanks to the extensive connections she has through her rescue work, Brouillard was able to find three different forever homes for all six guinea pigs almost immediately. They’re all settled into their new homes now, being cared for by their new families and absolutely loving life.

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