Puppy suffers horrific injuries after being deliberately coated in hot tar


A tiny puppy has suffered horrific injuries after being deliberately coated in red hot boiling tar. Distressing pictures show the dog coated in a thick black substance, which is thought to have been taken from a nearby building site. It stuck to the dog’s fur and skin, causing him extreme pain and preventing him from being able to walk. The tar also created toxic fumes which the puppy then breathed in, causing damage to his lungs and led to him developing pneumonia.


The tar has stuck to his fur and skin and caused extreme pain and the inability to move. ‘The boiling tar has created toxic fumes which he has breathed in and affected his tiny lungs. Similar to smoke inhalation, he has required treatment for pneumonia.’
The spokesman added: ‘His treatment has started and he is responding well. We believe he will pull through and this sweet boy is still wagging his tail, despite the pain and the horrific cruelty he has endured.’
Mayflower Animal Sanctuary has already raised more than £3,000 for the puppy. It is hoped the dog will be in his UK forever home by the end of the month.


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