Puppies from ‘world’s rarest dog breed’ born in UK for first time

A litter of rare puppies has been welcomed by a family in Dorchester — the first of their breed to be born in the UK.
Wetterhouns, with an estimated worldwide population of around 1,000, are thought to be one of the rarest dog breeds. They originate from the province of Friesland in the Netherlands, having first appeared more than 400 years ago.

Breed specialists have said the arrival of the five boys and three girls on 5th April 2023 have tripled the breed population in the UK.
“With such a rare breed, we have to take a conservationist approach to breeding. Ensuring sound genetics of future puppies is absolutely vital. Distance and logistics almost becomes a secondary consideration,” Hannah Woods, of the UK Stabyhoun Association, told BBC News.
“We are very keen for these lovely dogs to be better known, and they are very lovely family dogs. They have got their own nature, they are a little bit quirky but they are very friendly,” Nicky told ITV News.

“They’re basically farm dogs but when we had the Second World War of course the Netherlands was very badly affected and the number of dogs declined very dramatically, so the Dutch Club started a breeding programme to make sure that the race of dogs would be preserved.”
If you are interested in giving one of the puppies a new home, email jane@stabyhounuk.com for more information.

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