Pup Was Using A Shoe As A Shelter Until This Man Saved Him And Gave Him A Home


Life is often unfair to little critters. There are many cases of abandoned puppies, cats, and other animals. It’s very sad to see how careless and heartless people can be.


Leaving their pets on the side of the road, tied to a tree, and sometimes even worse… That’s why it’s very refreshing to see a happy story with a great ending.


A man called Goran Marinkovic feeds and takes care of stray animals. In March of 2020, when he went to visit them, he found a little surprise: an abandoned puppy sleeping next to a shoe.


Goran noticed that the pup was ill and hungry. The man took the little pup into his home, named him Smesten, and helped him recover into a beautiful, healthy, and happy dog.


We managed to get an interview with Goran. He is a man of few words, and all he wanted to do was return to his animals as soon as possible, which is very commendable.



Goran told us: “I save animals that are endangered, that live on the street. I take care of animals because I love them, I love animals equally everything, cats, dogs, others…” It’s very sweet to see when people love all animals and want to help them in times of need.



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