Litter-picking eco-dog collects litter on its walks and puts it in the bin.

A very clever dog has been trained to pick up litter and put it in the bin while on her walks.Trinny, aged five, belongs to Alanna Jackson, 37, a customer service worker and environmentalist who just so happens to be a keen dog trainer as well.

The border collie was taught to recognise ‘litter’ as a command word, while ‘drop’, funnily enough, means drop it in the bin. Alanna said: ‘She’s a great wee thing, I trained her, because if she doesn’t have a ball or a toy on a walk she will pick up anything.
Trinny’s training started last year after the Clydebank community came together to clean up lots of litter in the area.

‘I’m very environmentally conscious, in lockdown we were litter picking and looking after the area,’ Alanna said.
‘It was fantastic. We were cleaning up canals and rivers.
‘After everything went back to normal, all these nice things got forgotten about again.’

‘People see her litter picking out on a walk, and everyone notices it. It would hopefully inspire people to train their dogs to do that.
‘It takes a bit of work and there are different types of bins, which presents a challenge.
‘But what better way to inspire kids to get involved in the environment than to see a cute little collie dog putting litter in a bin?’

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