IT’S A DOG’S LIFE I rescued a dog from a shelter

A DOG owner was shocked to realize after his pet started having seizures that his best friend is part wild animal.Zeus, a wolf-hybrid dog has found his new home with a new owner in Sheldon, Vermont.


Ron Monroe adopted Zeus from a shelter in Rhode Island after his previous owner could no longer care for him.The four-year-old pup has been living in Franklin County for a couple of months.


Ron said: “You’re a good boy and he’s living his best life right now, he’s doing so well.”


Shelter worker Kara Montalbano said: “His former owner could no longer care for him the way he wanted to, and that’s why we’re here.


“And so we took him and he walked through our doors and we were like, ‘Oh, that’s a large…dog.'”


According to Kara, the wolf-breed mix is illegal in Rhode Island and so the shelter had to appeal to potential adopters in either New Jersey or Vermont.



“We actually contacted our state vet because we knew they were illegal in RI, and we started doing some research and found that the closes states to us were New Jersey and Vermont,” Montalbano said.


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