Emotional moment dog reunited with owner after falling more than 100ft over cliff edge.

A dog who fell more than 100ft over a cliff was reunited with her tearful owner in an emotional video.
Sprocker spaniel Figgy was walking above Thor’s Cave, a natural cavern set in a steep limestone crag in the Peak District, with owner Kayley Williams shortly after 6.30am on Wednesday when the dog plunged off the path.

At some point while looking around the second entrance to the cave – which is known as the ‘West Window’ – she sustained several injuries.
Kayley contacted a friend for help and called the emergency services, who sent an ambulance to check her over, and she was found to have a fractured finger.
Derby Mountain Rescue Team were deployed to the scene to search for Figgy, who was still missing.
The team looked all around Thor’s Cave, and descended on ropes to search some outcroppings and ledges, but failed to find her.

They soon started to send up a number of drones, which were able to locate the dog’s body heat using infrared cameras, and positively identify her using a camera.
A spokeswoman for Derby Mountain Rescue Team said: “The team were called out on Wednesday April 19 at 8am to reports of a woman and her dog having fallen over the cliff above Thor’s cave. (Although it turned out to be only the dog that had fallen).
“A lady had been out walking with her two dogs when one of the dogs ‘Fig’ fell from the edge above Thor’s cave at around 6.30am.

“At some point whilst searching around the base of Thor’s Cave, out the infamous ‘West Window’, and around the path to the river the lady had sustained several injuries. She called her friend for help and 999. “The lady was checked over by the ambulance service and is suspected to have sustained a fractured finger, but was discharged by the ambulance crew to make her own way to further treatment. “Meanwhile Fig A.K.A Figgy was still missing and the team searched around Thor’s Cave, and descended on ropes to search some outcroppings/ledges.

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