Romeo is called “too ugly” to be loved. But look at him now, he’s too cute.

Already as a child I was told that “beauty comes from within”. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that we often focus a lot on the outside.

Unlike humans, the animals do not care about the appearance of their owners. A cat will love you, whether you are fat or thin – as long as you give it love and respect.




But unfortunately, Romeo the cat got neither love nor respect from the people he has met so far in his short life.
This is Romeo. He is an orange colored cat with shaggy fur and soft paws. Just like any other cat. But his face looks a little different.



Romeo was born with a defect and was told early in life that he was “too ugly” for anyone to ever want him.

At first it seemed that Romeo was going to remain stray or even euthanized. But this story fortunately has a very happy ending.




The Spanish organization ‘ Santuario Compasión Animal ‘ heard about Romeo’s situation and were outraged when they saw how terrible he was. They believed that he was absolutely perfect, just as he was – and that’s why they chose to adopt him.




“They said no one wanted him because he was so ugly. But for us, Romeo is not ugly, he is a wonderful cat who loves to play like other cats. His appearance makes him special”, writes the organization on their Facebook page.





Romeo was given the opportunity to live with the organization’s other animals, and today he has boat, cat, cow, pig and chicken friends.




But the story doesn’t end there! When Romeo got his new home, several media outlets started writing articles about him. Suddenly, Romeo became a bit of a celebrity, hailed by thousands on social media. Now everyone could really see what a wonderful cat he was and many wanted to adopt him.




But Romeo has settled into his new home. Today he lives as a happy cat at the Santuario Compasión Animals boarding school, where he will live until the end of his days.




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