Man Who Saved Puppy From Ruins Wins Internet Prize.

Man Who Saved Puppy From Ruins Wins Internet Prize.





Syria and Turkey are currently reeling under the massive earthquake that shook both countries. Reports claim that more than 20,000 people lost their lives in the tragedy. Rescue operations are in full swing, searching for survivors who might be stuck inside the debris.


Freezing conditions accompanied by rain pose a threat to the survival of the victims. Amid the heartbreaking news, a touching viral video of a man rescuing puppies from the rubble, supposedly from a natural disaster, has sent a ray of hope among the masses, proving that humanity is the greatest virtue.


The now-viral clip was dropped on Twitter on February 8. “Oh my heart,” read the caption.
The textual layout embedded in the video read, “The dog’s child was buried under the ruins after the earthquake. It believes that they are still alive. Constantly digging the soil. A kind person helps clean up the ruins together. Finally, rescue a puppy. Then rescued the second puppy.”

The video captures a dog desperately trying to dig the ground to rescue her puppies. Soon, a man comes for help and together they start moving the rocks and soil to look out for the helpless pups. The dog seems impatient as it continues to claw through the soil in dire hope to be reunited with her babies.


After much effort, the man is finally able to bring out two puppies from the rubble and stack of debris. He holds them in his hands as the mama dog wags its tail in joy. After rescuing the puppies, the man takes the mother dog and its babies to a shelter, where he makes a bed for them to rest and even stores a pile of food for the animals.

Netizens were left bawling after the emotional video surfaced on the Internet. One user commented, “I am in tears!!! What a kind act and that dog shows how truly amazing animals are… Beautiful!!!!” “I cannot stop crying! So pleased it had a happy ending,” quipped another. “Okay. I like people again,” confessed a third individual.



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